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Alma Mater and Fight Song


Alma Mater/School Song

Set to the music of “Carmen Ohio” – Ohio State University

 Words: Trent D. Johnson and 2011-2012 Band Students

To dear Memorial High we sing

We pledge our Loyalty to thee

Time will pass and we will know

How much we love Me-mo-ri-al

May no act of ours show shame

To loyal hearts that love your name

Through the years we will remain

Forever Ti-tans! Praise Your Name!

Fight Song

Set to the music of the Ohio State University Fight Song

Words: Secondary Choir and Band Directors, Spring, 2002

Go ye mighty TITANS to the victory we seek;
Go ye mighty TITANS, and the foe we shall defeat.
Pride and Honor, ours to proclaim;
Stand together for TITAN fame.
Red, Black, and Silver Pride will take us to Victory!

Interlude:  Go TITANS!  Go Ye Mighty TITANS!

Repeat:  Go ye mighty TITANS etc.

Original (Transitional) School Song

Words by secondary band/choir directors; Melody reminiscent of “Stouthearted Men”

Our time has come to pledge school loyalty where three come together as one
We pledge to fight for Honor, Trust, and Loyalty for the school that we have become
Red, black and silver are the colors of choice for visions that we all share
Memories are ever with us, as TITANS we are now
and we'll elevate the standards of MEMORIAL HIGH