"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."
-Frank Smith
English as a Second Language (ESL) is an intensive English language instruction program provided by ESL certified teachers who are trained in effective second language acquisition methods. The goal of ESL programs is for English learners to attain full proficiency in English in order to participate equitably in school.
Campus Program Type
ESL Content-Based Program
An English program that serves students identified as students of limited English proficiency in English by providing a full-time teacher certified under Section 29.061(c) to provide supplementary instruction for all content area instruction.  ESL Language Arts classes are taught by teachers who are ESL certified. Students enrolled in ESL classes are scheduled by proficiency and grade level. Students can be placed in a sheltered instruction content classroom with trained teachers. All content courses must be taught by teachers who are certified to teach the particular content, but are not required to hold an ESL certification; however, these teachers are trained in using Sheltered Instruction (SI)  strategies and it is recommended that teachers of sheltered classes seek ESL certification.
Ms. Carlecia Roberts
  • Department Lead
  • English III SI
  • English IV SI
  • LPAC Chair
Mrs. Ana Barrientos
  • English II SI
  • Reading II SI
  • Newcomers' English Language Development
Mr. Jacob Hoover
  • Reading II SI
  • Reading III SI
  • Reading IV SI
Ms. Sofia Portillo
  • ESL Aide