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Social Studies FAQ

Is there a Social Studies STAAR test?
Yes, there is. The STAAR test that involves the social studies department is the U.S. History STAAR test that occurs during the Spring semester. Don't worry though, we'll get you prepared to take it!
Who teaches in the Social Studies Department?
For a full list of our faculty in social studies, please refer to the page titled "Staff". Each name is linked to their personal webpage in case you need more information, or to contact them. These webpages will be updated throughout the year, so keep checking back!
Who supervises the Social Studies Department?
Our department is supervised by Assistant Principal Johnson. Our department chair is Mr. Smith.
Is there a Social Studies homeroom?
Yes, there is. Each social studies teacher participates in homeroom. All 11th graders are required to attend homeroom, for a review of U.S. History and STAAR preparation. Unless you've come from another school, passed the STAAR test, or a similar test, your student will be required to attend a social studies homeroom.