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Dr. Jeremy Small, Principal,

Hello, and Welcome to Port Arthur Memorial High School as we return to school, I want to know that we are extremely invested in our students and their lives. Here, we recognize that every one of our students possess greatness within them, and it is our task to help them reach their desired outcomes. Our expectations for our students are high, and through some challenges, our students will demonstrate that they can rise to the occasion.  At the high school level, we want to ensure that our Titans are ACE's: Accepted into a college of students choice: Certified for the workforce: or Enlisted in a military branch. To achieve this goal, we have added to our curriculum in an effort to better meet the needs of the individual student. We believe in putting the student first and creating a student-centered learning environment where students learn to own their learning and explore their interests. This is a welcoming environment and we encourage the community to participate in the great things we have going on. Community members, this is your school too, and we want to see you engage. Memorial High School believes in a family oriented setting, and we recognize that it takes a village to raise our students. Again, welcome to Memorial High School. It is here that "Every Student Counts. Every Moment Matters" Students, as you walk through the halls, remind yourself that there is a deeper purpose for your presence here. Remember that work you are doing now echos into the future and it is imperative that you set your future self apart.



Dr. Jeremy Small

Principal, Memorial High School Port Arthur, Texas

12th Grade (Letters M-Z)

11th Grade (Letters M-Z)

11th Grade (Letters A-L)

12th Grade (Letters A-L)

10th Grade (Letters M-Z)

10th Grade (Letters A-L)

 Dean of Discipline