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In an effort to utilize discipline management procedures to the fullest, the Memorial High School Discipline Plan (see following pages) must be followed.  It should be evident by documentation on the Student Step Sheet that the teacher has made every effort to correct inappropriate behavior AND CONTACTED THE PARENT before the student is referred to the office. Your cooperation in this endeavor will greatly affect the discipline at Memorial High School.  In the event a student is referred to the office, a copy of the Student Step Sheet must be available for the administrator.

When writing a referral, it must be submitted using the district approved system.  Do not send the student directly to the office unless he/she stops the learning process, becomes destructive to school property, or is a threat to either the student(s) or the teacher. In these instances, the student is to be escorted by a hall monitor to the office. The referral still must be entered into the system.

When writing the referral, fill out the referral form completely and accurately, adhering to all guidelines outlined in the discipline plan.  Parents do receive a copy of the referral; therefore, it is important for teachers to use appropriate wording on the referral.  The administrator will complete and fill out the action taken and the recommendation(s).  

Teachers, remember to control student behavior wherever you happen to be.  Your authority and responsibility does not end at your classroom door.  Good building control and discipline is the responsibility of all faculty and staff working at Central.

All students should be required to complete the Discipline Agreement form for each class and return to teachers within the first week of class. The teacher is responsible for maintaining this form in the classroom.

It is the responsibility of every teacher to read and adhere to the Memorial High School Discipline Plan.



In School Suspension is designated to provide the student with an alternative educational requirement. To ensure this, the following procedures must be followed by all teachers:

  1. Teachers must check the ISS disciplinary list daily to identify students in ISS. If a student’s name appears on the ISS list, DO NOT ADMIT THAT STUDENT INTO YOUR CLASS.  Refer that student to the Assistant Principal’s office and follow –up if the student does not return to class with an ISS release form.
  2. Each teacher is asked to keep a note of his or her daily ISS list for future references.
  3. Teachers must assign 90 minutes of work for each day a student is assigned to ISS.
  4. Be sure to put teachers and student’s names on each assignment.
  5. Provide one assignment for each student in ISS.
  6. Students are responsible for returning in all work in English and Math. Each day, the supplemental work will be placed in the teacher’s box. Please provide some credit for this work, but in no way are these worksheets to take the place of teacher’s assigned work.


TIME AND PLACE: Rooms: TBA 7:35 A.M.  TO 3:15 P.M.

BREAKS: One in the morning and one in the afternoon.


  1. Be on time.
  2. Bring all books and complete class assignments.
  3. There will be no communication of any form.
  4. Do not leave seat without permission.
  5. Do not turn around in seat without permission.
  6. There will be no gum chewing or candy allowed.
  7. Sleeping is prohibited.
  8. Follow the dress code.
  9. Follow all directives of the ISS teacher.



PAAC is an alternative discipline program located off-campus. Students may be assigned for a minimum of 30 days. Students assigned to PAAC are restricted and may not be on our campus without administrative approval. Students should turn in textbooks to the registrar before they report to the alternative center. Grades and attendance will be provided upon the student’s return.

~Campus Operational Procedures 2020-2021

O. Lorenzo Carr

Dean of Discipline

Port Arthur Alternative Campus